Partnership With Alliant

partnership Alliant

Who are Alliant Clients?

Client Profile:

Typical population: approx. 10,000 – 70,000

Ownership: county, city, private NFP, private for profit

Hospital type:
Critical access
Free standing-city, county or privately owned
Multi-hospital systems

Why Clients Often Seek Our Help:

  • Acquisition of a New Facility Needing Management Assistance
  • County/City/Other Stakeholders Needing Help to Assure Their Local Hospital is Managed as Effectively & Efficiently as Possible
  • Mounting Operating Losses
  • Partnership or Affiliation Opportunity
  • Experienced Hospital Operator with Larger Facilities, Requiring Expertise in Operating Smaller Facility(ies)
  • Tertiary or Large Health System Wanting to Develop a Regional Hospital Network Strategy and/or Facility Affiliations or Acquisitions

Regardless of the hospital, we approach the strategy and business plan the same way: as a partnership.

Alliant brings expertise in the hospital industry and additional management resources. Our hospitals bring the expertise in their communities. Together, we craft solutions that are the most sustainable and make the most sense for meeting the unique needs of the local area.

We work with hospitals in a variety of structures, creating the best win-win solution for the community and the hospital’s overall success:

  1. Ownership
  2. Management
  3. Joint Venture
  4. Lease

The key is determining a sustainable business model first.

Then we determine the structure to support that path. Once a structure is in place, Alliant can bring a wide range of expertise to support the achievement of goals that have been set.