Doctors’ Memorial Hospital Announces Management Agreement with Alliant Management Services

Alliant Management Services would like to welcome Doctors’ Memorial Hospital to the group.

Doctors’ Memorial Hospital Board of Directors has announced its decision to engage Alliant Management Services as part of the hospital’s mission to continue to deliver the highest quality healthcare services to the community.

The hospital’s Board of Directors, which consist of local community members and Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare representatives, will continue to be a fiduciary board fully responsible for the operations of Doctors’ Memorial.

“Our Board recognized the need for a partner to consult with us as we seek opportunities to bring additional talent and services to our community with an aim to improve access to healthcare. Alliant has expertise in the unique needs of rural hospitals like Doctors’ Memorial and they have the depth and breadth of expertise to support our day-to-day operations and financial management for the benefit of our community and our employees. The Alliant team is a dynamic addition and our Board is enthusiastic to work with them to serve our community’s growing needs,” said Ken Arnold, Doctors’ Memorial Hospital Board Chair.

Alliant has specialized in rural hospital management since 1978, providing sustainable solutions tailored exclusively to critical access and rural hospitals. Alliant’s affiliates provide a coordinated network of healthcare professionals that work for the benefit of rural hospitals to address strategic, clinical, operational, financial and supply chain needs.

“We are grateful the Board and leadership of Doctors’ Memorial Hospital have selected Alliant to support its efforts to deliver administrative, operational and financial solutions for this hospital and the community it serves,” said Jim Coleman, president and CEO of Alliant Rural Hospital Solutions.

“Navigating the inherent and unprecedented challenges of healthcare in today’s environment can be a daunting task for any hospital, but especially rural hospitals who face unique challenges. We are confident Alliant’s team, working together with Doctors’ Memorial leadership team, will ensure the hospital has a quality focus and consistently delivers the right healthcare solutions for generations.”

Founded in 1957, Doctors’ Memorial Hospital (DMH) is a community hospital located in Perry, FL committed to delivering quality healthcare services to Taylor County. In 2003, DMH opened a new 96,000 square foot facility on N. Byron Butler Parkway. Through a partnership with Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, DMH is expanding the level of medical care in Perry through telemedicine, improved clinical practices and new protocols to increase access to advanced medical treatments.

The engagement with Alliant began on May 1, 2019.