Clinical & Support Services

Clinical and support services is a key element to the success of our hospitals. AMS provides a variety of such services that enhance the quality of patient care and clinical operations.

In addition, benchmarking has been one of our unique services in assisting hospitals to demonstrate quality in patient care and improving patient safety.

AMS helps partner hospitals by offering:

  • Clinical operations review
  • Management and operational support
  • Resource development
  • Quality benchmarking

Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

One of the many value-added benefits that AMS brings to its partner hospitals is experienced assistance with obtaining and maintaining JCAHO accreditation. We provide staff education programs to familiarize employees with JCAHO standards and processes, identify potential problem areas, outline measures that need to be taken to comply, conduct mock JCAHO surveys, and help refine continuous quality improvement programs.

Additional support for assisting organizations to structure their respective environment of care and safety programs:

  • EOC and safety program operation assessments
  • Life Safety Code® compliance assessments and training
  • Mock JCAHO readiness surveys from EOC and LSC compliance

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